NRF Harvest Food Festival

fresh from the farm celebrating harvest season in the Northern Rivers region part of the Harvest Food Trail - morning tea stop at Zentveld's Coffee Plantation some of the delights produced in the Northern Rivers NSW region First Food Co present a range of delicious bush foods for Harvest Food Festival participants to try finger limes - just one of our amazing Australian Native Foods grown in Northern Rivers NSW NRF Harvest Food Festival sustainable seafood lunch Family run Dorper Lamb business part of farm tour at Harvest Food Festival Ink Gins at Husk Distillers, part of our Tweedie tour of Harvest Food Festival nothing quite like milk straight from the farm, Harvest Food Festival

*** Latest event details are yet to be confirmed *** Northern Rivers Food (NRF) is an independent, not-for-profit food industry association in the Northern Rivers region, with members from gate to plate. Their NRF Harvest Food Festival has been developed by food producers in the region who volunteer their time to help promote the region and its food. NRF have created Harvest Food Festival to connect people with real food on real farms. They offer three days of foodie events which: profiles local food producers, helps educate people about sustainable food production, how food is grown, promotes the region and celebrates their food. NRF Harvest Festival consists of many culinary food experiences, farm tours and fabulous food experience events including themed lunches and dinners that help showcase all this region offers in terms of local food. The local food producers can open their doors for just one day to offer: farm experiences, education for children, tastings, workshops. Overall, Harvest Food Festival offers a fabulous, delectable gastronomic graze over three glorious days , culinary surprises and wonderful company as you explore some of the region’s finest foodie offerings.

When: 02/05/2019 - 02/05/2019

Location: Various locations, Byron Bay, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia